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Terms and Conditions for Using 4Sale Q8


Welcome to 4Sale Q8, please read the terms and conditions carefully. By using the website or mobile application, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from accessing or using the website and mobile application.

4Sale Q8 is a classifieds platform that offers digital advertising space to its users (buyers, sellers, service providers, and service seekers) and is owned by MASHAEL KUWAT CO. 4Sale Q8 is not responsible for, and does not provide any warranty on any product or service advertised on the platform in any way whatsoever, including the sale and purchase operations, the accurate representation of the product or service, and the quality of the product or service. Furthermore, 4Sale Q8 is not liable for any claims of compensation for any losses.

Ad Placement Rules:

  • - Ads can only be posted after a user registers using a verified mobile phone number and email.
  • - The advertiser must classify the Ad under the correct section.
  • - The advertiser must input the title, description, price, and image of the Ad correctly without any misrepresentations.
  • - The advertiser should be the owner of the goods or services being advertised.
  • - Any uploaded Ad must not contain any illegal, immoral, or obscene language or images as well as prohibiting any advertisement aimed at defaming persons or institutions.
  • - Advertisers may not advertise or display any kind of weapon, whether licensed or unlicensed.
  • - It is forbidden to sell endangered plants and animals contained in the Agreement (CITES), in compliance with the decisions and regulations of the Public Environmental Authority.
  • - Advertisers may only advertise for one item per listing. Advertising for multiple items requires the creation of a new listing for each item.
  • - Ads must be for individual products or services. Placing ads commercially or on behalf of a third party is prohibited. Furthermore, placing ads for a companies or shops is prohibited.
  • - Lawyers are not allowed to advertise for themselves for self promotion or for acquiring clients through the app.
  • - Placing ads in violation of the laws of advertiser's state is prohibited. Placing ads in violation of the laws in the State of Kuwait, especially Law No. 63 of 2015 on Combating Cyber Crimes and Law No. 38 of 2002 regarding the regulation of commercials of health-related products, is prohibited. Placing ads for medications and aphrodisiacs is prohibited.
  • - According to Law No. 9 of 2001 on the misuse of telephone communications and bugging devices, the display and sale of bugging devices and the means of inciting the misuse of telephone devices is prohibited.
  • - Advertising for payments of debts and cashing is prohibited. Advertising for furnished apartments to be rented per hour or day, except by the companies permitted to do so, is prohibited. All ads for attracting investment, calling for investment and commercial partnership are prohibited. Placing false labor ads or ads for hiring house labor to work in houses per hour is prohibited.
  • - 4Sale Q8 reserves the right to block any phone number or device that uses the app to offend, harm a third party or use the app for illegal purposes.
  • - Users shall respect other visitors and users.
  • - Reserving ads or pinning for the purpose of selling it to another party is prohibited.
  • - The advertising user shall be liable for any legal liability or compensation, with no liability to 4Sale Q8.
  • - "The customer confirm  acknowledges accessing all special and general conditions using the services of the site and with his full approval and acceptance of it, and decides to bear legal" criminal and civil "responsibility for any damages to the site or those in charge of it or others in case of violating the laws, regulations and decisions regulating the advertisement and all other laws and decisions applicable in the country And entering it on the site or using the services available to it is an acknowledgment and a pledge thereof.
  • - 4Sale Q8 has the right to block any user that does not comply with the app conditions
  • - Smoking advertisements of all kinds, regular or electronic, are prohibited
  • - It is prohibited to publish advertisements of domestic workers of all kinds, and it is also prohibited to publish advertisements of phantom employment or renting labor to homes in hours, as well as publishing all types of human trafficking.
  • - It is prohibited to publish any ads for gambling, betting, or ads of witchcraft and sorcery
  • - It is forbidden to publish any advertisement for wines or spirits of all kinds - and prohibits the publication of any advertisement for drugs and cannabis of all kinds.
  • - The Advertiser of craft works must obtain a license from the official authorities to practice the activity, and users of the application are required to verify the presence of the necessary documents and licenses before contracting with the craft works providers, without any responsibility on 4Sale Q8
  • -  If it becomes clear that there is no license to practice the activity for the advertiser to provide professional services, the advertisement will be canceled and the official authorities will be provided in the advertiser's data whenever requested

Removing Violating Ads and Comments, and Ad Expiry:

  • - A free ad, if any, will stay for 5 days.
  • - Ads will be automatically removed from the app after the time period set by 4Sale Q8.
  • - Non-complying ads will be removed without notifying or compensating the user. The administration has the right to prohibit the non-complying and abusive user from refunding any remaining balance.
  • - Once an ad is cancelled, you cannot see it on (My listings) page.
  • - 4Sale Q8 has the right to block any user who places a non-complying ad, or add offensive comments to others through private messages or through (live chat). The administration has the right to block the non-complying user from using the app, temporarily or permanently.

Financial Rights:

  • - A paid ad price & duration  based on the category the user upload in
  • - Cost of any add-ons will be added to the ad cost.
  • - When using KNET to pay for an ad, you must retain a record of payment, in case you are not credited. 4Sale Q8 will only refund in the case that the user has evidence that the transaction was deducted from their bank account.
  • - A user can pay in cash through 4Sale Q8 mandoops for a minimum payment of 5 KD. Mandoops are available in every area of Kuwait.
  • - Refunds can only be given to users in the case that a technical failure in the system caused a loss of funds for the users.
  • - Cost of non-complying ads will not be refunded.
  • - After purchasing credit, user may not refund the remaining available balance.


Privacy and Sharing Users' Data:

4Sale Q8 protects the confidentiality of users' data. The data will not be shared except within the limits permissible by the sellers when placing each ad, which will be made by inputting the required data in the required fields for the contact information, e.g. phone number and e-mail, taking into account not to place any ad that violates the laws of Kuwait.

The user agrees to provide the concerned authorities with her/his data if requested by the authorities from 4Sale Q8 in the case of placing an ad that violates the applicable laws of Kuwait or by commenting through instant-messages or live chat support in any illegal manner, or in any way that violates these terms and conditions.

Under the good and continuous cooperation between 4Sale Q8 and the Kuwait Electronic Crimes Control Department, they will be notified of any ad that violates the laws of Kuwait. Users must not violate the intellectual property rights and trademarks of others and should not offend other users or persons through instant-messages, comments, posting, offensive ads or through live chat support. In case it was proven to 4Sale Q8 that a user violated these terms and conditions, 4Sale Q8 will have the right to provide the affected parties with the offending user's data upon request.

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • - MASHAEL KUWAT CO owns all app intellectual property rights and all app contents, including data, images, and contents in all forms available on the app and the website.
  • - Under no circumstances, may the app’s content or data be attempted to fully, automatically or any material part of it extracted. The content of this app is prohibited to be used in any other intellectual work or included in any electronic database. It is totally prohibited to resell, distribute, modify, translate or re-engineer the contents of this app in any form. 4Sale Q8 and MASHAEL KUWAT CO reserve the full right to impose necessary restrictions to prevent any person or other websites from linking to, or extracting the content of this app and website.
  • - It is also prohibited to re-engineer or disassemble the program used in the app in order to have access to the original program source code or the original structure of this app or website.
  • - Any attempt to violate these terms by any means will be considered as copyright and IP infringement and theft, which is punishable by law

Assigning Rights for Placed Ads and Images:

  • - The user is considered to assign the rights of the ad and its attached images to 4Sale Q8 once uploaded to the app.
  • - 4Sale Q8 reserves its right to reuse the images and content posted to ads as it sees fit.

Modifying the Terms and Conditions:

- 4Sale Q8 has the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. These modifications will be effective once posted to the app or website. Users should read these terms and conditions carefully and regularly to review any modification to them. Continuing the use of this app by the user after modifying the terms and conditions is an expressed approval of these modifications.